About Us

TempShop is a proprietorship firm (a single owner business), owned by Sathya .N where the owner is not only entitled to hold the ownership, but is also responsible for the complete management and administration of the business.

What kind of reasoning lies behind this website?  On the one hand, we generate a large number of assets, which can take the shape of documents, presentations, coding, creative 3D graphics, photos, audio-video contents, referenced architectures, designs, accelerators, frameworks, processes, etc.,  On the other hand, those who are in need of comparable templates for their projects but have a very limited amount of time to complete them. What if they both ran into each other? is the concept that underpins TempShop.

Does the market not offer a service like this? Although market offer a large number of services, the prices are too high for most people to afford them, and the services themselves are not "readymade." On the other hand, everything is offered in TempShop at prices that are reasonable and with immediate delivery.

Is TempShop an e-commerce website? Certainly, both authors (vendors) and buyers are permitted to upload their work. If they complete the transaction, they will receive 70% of the price quoted, with the remaining 30% allocated to taxation and our commission.