Will you introduce new categories? Certainly, we constantly evaluate new categories. Please post requests for new categories in our forum. 

What is included in my purchase's support? When you purchase an item on TempShop, the vendor of that item will provide you with support. You can request support from the vendor for up to a year after purchase. You can request support by leaving a message in the support section of the purchased product's page.

The vendor should be able to respond to your request within two business days. If not, please contact the TempShop support team. We will attempt to assist you.

What is not included in support is:

  1. 1. Deploying the product of the vendor
  2. 2. Configuration of the environment in which the item must operate.
  3. 3. Third-party software support.
  4. 4. Deploying of any and all sample data.
  5. 5. How do I receive support for my purchase?

To receive assistance, please leave a message in the support section of the product's page. Within two business days, the vendor of the item should be able to solve your problem.  Please contact TempShop support if the vendor fails to respond within two business days. We will then attempt to assist you in finding a solution or refund your purchase if the product does not function as advertised.

How do I request a refund?

Before our template is sent to you, you have an option of requesting a refund. Due to the fact that it is a digital product, you will be able to view a demonstration version of it before you decide whether or not to make a purchase. Unfortunately, after it has been delivered, there will be absolutely no refunds.

What does the error message "error processing your payment" mean?

Your payment was unable to be processed. There are numerous reasons why this could occur. The majority of the time, your payment is blocked by an external party, making it a difficult problem to resolve. Such as a payment provider. If you observe this error, you need not fret about any money transfers. No payment has been made.

What licenses are there?

Personal use: A personal use licence allows you to use an item in a single endeavour for personal or commercial purposes, or on behalf of a client. The item cannot be resold on its own or as a component of a larger project. The distribution of source files is prohibited.

Commercial License: An extended licence permits the use of an item in an unlimited number of personal or commercial endeavours. The item cannot be resold in its current condition. The source files may be distributed or sublicensed as part of a larger undertaking.

My item was rejected; what should I do now?

Even the greatest vendors have their work rejected at some point. Your item may be softly or firmly rejected.

Soft-rejected: indicates that your item has been rejected, but can be made market-ready with a few modifications.

Firm-rejected: Your item cannot be sold on TempShop in its current state. A few modifications are insufficient to get the item vendorised. For the item to be eligible for sale on the TempShop marketplace, it requires significant modifications or additional features. Certain products do not qualify for sale on the TempShop marketplace.

Do not re-upload your item with minor modifications if it is rejected outright. If, on the other hand, your submission is soft-rejected, it should not be difficult to make the necessary modifications to have it accepted.

How do I modify my item?

You can modify your item by visiting its page and selecting "edit" from the menu. Then, select "files & categories" from the menu on the side.  Then, you can upload a new primary.zip file. After the new.zip file has been uploaded, the update will be reviewed before being published. Typically, this takes 1-2 business days.

How can I cash out my earnings?

After logging in, user profile menu and click on Withdrawal. 

Here, you can choose how you'd like to withdraw funds from your account. As indicated on the withdrawal page, only earnings and not TempShop credit can be withdrawn. The absence of the Withdrawal option in your user menu indicates that you are not yet an vendor. You can become an vendor by submitting your first contribution.

How much do I earn for referring a customer?

When you refer a consumer to TempShop through your affiliate link, you will receive 10% of the first order's total value.  Our affiliate tracking cookie is valid for ninety days. All customers who sign up within 90 days of clicking on your affiliate links will earn you a commission.